If you can afford it is this ultimate fatloss stack (legal)

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  1. I would add HEAT and clen but reduce Lean Xtreme to 3caps a day. Your joints will thank you.

  2. Has anyone actually read a study that even suggests that 7-OH is a decent cortisol suppressant? I'm not calling out DS, nor am I saying that LX doesn't work, but I looked through a ****load of abstracts (most for 7-oxo, but some with 7-OH) and I didn't find anything that was that impressive. I know anecdotal evidence is decent with users reporting sore joints, etc. Let me know. Link?

  3. It doesnt decrease circulating cortisol but does decrease cortisol at the receptor level. Thats what I heard anyway. No science to back it up though

  4. Quote Originally Posted by Bernie1b
    Camphobolic 6 caps per day (as directed)
    Lean Extreme 5 caps per day (2 first thing in Morn, 1 Pre workout, 2 before bed)
    Phenogen (4pills 3 times a day with meals)
    Glucophase XR (1 first thing in Morn, 1 high carb meal, 2 Post workout, 1 before bed)

    What do you guys think?
    Nah, that's not the "ultimate": you can still add something
    Exclding GH, you can add:

    -Dicana or Tyrocuts (Trimax is too strong, it needs AAS/PH to preserve your muscles)
    -HEAT or ECA

  5. maybe im taking all the fun out of the crack comments but isnt the only reason crackheads are skinny is because they spend money on crack and not food??.....

  6. AMP/Heat + forslean........best diet stack (legal) ever.


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