bulk powders causing upset stomach?

  1. bulk powders causing upset stomach?

    I have for the last two days been mixing my own pre-workout drink consisting of various powders from bulk nutrition and scivation's xtend and have been experiencing extreme bloating around my midsection and really bad gas/inconsistent stools... Not to mention my **** smelled like that tarty "grape" smell Xtend has, which was pretty horrid.. I also get really nauseated sometimes from it.. Well, here are the powders and let me know if you or someone you know has had similar problems with the powders and or xtend...

    3g Bulk-Nutrition's CEE powder
    5 scoops SciVation's Xtend
    5g Taurine Powder
    6g AAKG
    3g ALCAR
    1 cap GHV (from bulk nut.)
    Green Tea Powder

  2. I'm gonna go ahead and blame the stomach problems on the CEE. I personally don't think CEE is fit for consumption. I would also suggest cutting the dosage of AAKG and taurine in half. Try adding some betaine which will help with digestion and synergize with the taurine.

    As for your grape scented ****, well, that's just what happens sometimes with artificial flavors and colors. I once ate an entire box of Trix and my **** came out smelling like rancid fruit and colored like the rainbow. Those powerful coloring and flavoring agents don't get metabolized in the same way the real stuff does and that is exactly why I don't trust them.

    Oh, and things like GHV have been known to make people feel kind of queezy. But first get rid of the CEE and just use cre mono and reduce the dosage of the AAKG and taurine.
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  3. I only partially agree with Aeternitatis.

    CEE can upset the stomach. But mono can do just the same at effective doses. Try drinking more water or juice.
    Taurine dosage is just right and its known to relieve stomach/cramps problems. Thats definitely not the culprit.

    I would try taking only CEE+Taurine+ALCAR (reduce to 2g) and if after a couple days you dont have anymore probs, start adding the other stuff one at a time.
    If the problems persist, its the CEE.

  4. well, I'll throw yet another possible culprit.
    The green tea-when I have a strong cup in the a.m. on an empty stomach I def. get some discomfort-pain, nausea ect.

    It was green tea in the ballroom with a candlestick.

  5. I've also been trying to diagnose whats causing my room clearing gas lately. I was about to blame it on allthewhey products until I saw this thread. I also take CEE but only on workout days. I take 3-4 grams pre and post w/o. My gas is the worst on these days too. My stomach never gets upset but I"m tellin ya the gas is god awful. My wife threatens divorce if I dont clear it up..lol



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