1. Probiotics

    Looking to start taking them in the coming month because I will be taking a week long trip to st Lucia in October and wanna make sure my gut health is good as possible so I can prevent at all costs getting diarrhea there. Trying to find out who makes a good quality one.

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  3. I love Gut Health. It is very cost effective and one bottle lasts a long time.
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  4. Although not really a pro biotic, Muscle Fiber will be hitting the market soon and is geared toward healthy GI function.
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  5. Gut health is hands down the best on the market. Period
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  6. Gut health is king

  7. Okay gut health it is thanks for the input guys

  8. @dsade look at all this love for a great product, can't wait to see your future products! Also in case you couldn't tell gut health is the best, most cost effective probiotic on the market


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