Started taking all of the above today and I just wanted to share to things with you guys:

    1. Decent pumps in the gym. Better then usual.
    2. Omfg this hunger is killing, I'm assuming ABE is to blame.

    My stats:
    6 1" 90kg 13-15%bf, 23yo around 4yrs training. Bulking at over 3,000 cals. Might go a lot higher if this hunger doesn't subside.

    Anyway this isn't a log so to speak but I will be more than happy to share my experiences with you if you like.

  2. Increased hunger is pretty common with anabeta elite.

    Get ready for them gainz!
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  3. In for more feedback once this gets moving along. Good luck.
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  4. Quite the stack you have there. You have one of the remaining Titanium XL!
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  5. We're always happy to hear feedback, so feel free to share how this works for you.
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  6. Don't be afraid to eat with that AnaBet Elite . Stuff works wonders.
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  7. Guys so far this is working good. strength up. great gains on mass.

    However i am lethargic and tired all the time. Im starting to think an ingredient from this stack may be the cause. any ideas?

  8. hmm, i would chalk it up to a few different possibilities - 1. Erase Pro is lowering your estrogen too much (although with DAA in the mix it would make this less of a possibility), or 2. The mucuna in Endosurge. Anytime you alter neurotransmitters like Dopamine theres a potential for it to make you sleepy, this is one of the many reasons people take l-dopa prior to bed
    Gain Strength. Add Lean Mass. Recover Faster. : ERGONINE

  9. Thanks for your reply mate


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