Poll: Do you thing Stevia rebaudiana sugar is good?

Do anyone know about Stevia rebaudiana sugar? Pls help

  1. Do anyone know about Stevia rebaudiana sugar? Pls help

    I have a friend who is currently using Stevia rebaudiana Sugar and he said that its very good. I'm not sure abt that but my dad want to use it. SO anyone who know abt this sugar, pls tell me some information for considering of using it, pls

  2. welcome to the forum antonyz..wow a poll on your first post eh?
    you may wish to read the stickies and become further edified on where to post what topic
    for example - this topic would be better in the nutrition section, not in the supplement section

    to answer your question in a quick nutshell however, yes stevia is becoming more and more common around the world, has actually been around a very long time....is popular due to the fact it has up to 300 times the sweetness of sugar, has negligible effect on blood glucose and therefore is becoming a very popular option for lower carbohydrate-controlled diets

    a quick search of wiki will give you very nice synopsis of this one

    take care

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