Banaba leaf bitter melon around workout

  1. Banaba leaf bitter melon around workout

    Will it mess me up if I use post workout and after meals ? Or should I use before meals ? My bp and bs are still high after taking a month off Stims. Mst Ragnorok Elite log

  2. Bump ... Mst Ragnorok Elite log

  3. No reason to use post workout. Your body is already in a state to utilize glucose via non insulin dependent pathways. Worth trying out though since you already have it before any other meals however.

  4. i dosed one cap prewrokout and one cap postwork out and feel good. i had steak potatoes and broccoli last night and dosed a cap after and felt pretty good. the bitter melon seems to be better after meals but the banaba leaf gives you pumps in the gym. i was drinking a powerade intra workout and i noticed the pumps a little bit more than my normal stack which is insane already. clash and noxygen can't be touched right now. Mst Ragnorok Elite log

  5. Well do what works for you but really no need to dose post workout. I would dose both prior to any other meals and not afterwards. Not really taking advantage of the benefits when you take them after meals.

  6. ok ill play around with the dosing. Mst Ragnorok Elite log


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