Need my libido back

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  1. Need my libido back

    I'm 23 and have dabbled with several natural test boosters and estrogen inhibitors. I respond very well to them as I was once very overweight and had a high estrogen issue. My issue is, when I go on a break from supps, my libido seems to seriously decrease. I go from being a sex god on anabeta and erase to having a tough time keepin it up for my girlfriend. It's all bad. Should I see a doctor? What supps can I use to get my sex drive rollin again?

  2. Cialis and bloodwork

  3. Yeah same issue. Issue with bloodwork is finding a good doctor. Got my test checked and told that 390 is within "normal" - heaps of guys get this and think their fine. but if you break it down by age then i'm "normal" for like a 75yo man.

    Next step for me is to see an endo but ergh what they gonna do, TRT?

  4. Try clomid and back it up with a topical AI.

  5. When did you start having these issues, was it prior to or after your use of supplements? Any steroids or prohormones? Other medications? Lots of questions...

    I would see an endo or at least get bloodwork from your PCP.

  6. def get blood work. a cheap option is macapro. helps with libido and is cheap.
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  7. It could also be a psychological dependency.

  8. OP I know the feeling you're talking about but hear me out. If you take something that boosts your libido well beyond where it normally is and then stop using the supplement your libido goes back to normal. This can create stress because you like the extra "kick". Unfortunately such stresses can have an affect that leads to physical incapabilities. In other words it could all be mental.

  9. I agree with those above that it could be a mental thing. Only way to know is to get blood work and see if its just your head messing with you. Same thing was happening to me years ago, I took a long break from boosters and realized the performance issue was just mental and got over it and haven't had issues since. On the other hand pop some maca root and some trib and see if that helps, wouldnt put much worry into taking breaks from those.

  10. AI perform, will give you your confidence back

  11. No PH's or steroids ever. I don't think it's mental as I just put this all together recently. I had performance issues with the first girl I dated and had sex with on a consistent basis. Next girl I dated I was on ABE and erase pro most of the time we were doin the dirty and I never had any problem. With the current gf I had problems keeping it up at times at the beginning of our relationship, then ran 8 weeks of anabeta and erase and had no issues once I was a couple weeks into it. It could be a an unconscious mental thing but I never even thought about supps being the reason for my swings in libido until recently.

  12. Seems like you have naturally high estrogen? As when an AI is introduced you go back to being able to perform. Why not try run formeron or something at 1-2 pumps a day, year round?

  13. take it from some one who speant the last yr trying to salvage his libido.
    hands down the one thing that worked like no other was IFNs testabolan. it has ALC and divinil in it. I dose 6 caps per day and after a month or so, I feel like a champ! I will say though.. the stuff is slow to build up so you have to look at it a little longer term than something like maca.
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  14. Sex Extreme Cycle and AI perform make you good to go after 3 days, you go from not being interested at all in sex to being a horn doing and having to stop yourself DIYing 1-2 times a day... Its a good combo if you want to impress your gf

  15. Before you do anything, go to the doctor and get blood work done. Who knows, if there really is a problem you may get prescribed the good stuff.

    If you decide not to go to the doctor, IGF-1 is what you want, run that for 4 weeks at like 40mcg a day and you'll be shooting nuts like a cannon.

  16. I would get blood work just because its a way to rule out reasons.

    If all seems normal than I also think it might be a mental thing. Look into testabolan and that will boost your libido up, than slowly taper it away (assuming it turns out to be mental).

    Good luck!
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  17. Yea, before throwing supps at it I would go get some blood work done and get checked out. Don't wanna make it worse.
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  18. After I ran some ccycles my libido was at a all time low. I did get blood work done and I also tried using Testabolan V2. I was good within a few weeks

  19. Well all these recommendations are pretty good and of course a good solid test booster will help. A few I like are
    mass FX black, formeron and halotropin but blood work should be your first recourse. Just make sure your health is in order before you self Medicate.
    Get well brother I'm hoping for the best for you.
    Athletic Xtreme Team REP

  20. Go see an endo, OP.

    I love MacaPro and EndoSurge Turbo stacked together, but this could be more serious than just fixing it with an herbal supplement.

  21. Test Factor has been getting amazing feedback in the libido department.
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  22. Blood work. Then you'll better know how to address this, and our suggestions will be more meaningful.

    Ever taken any pharmaceuticals or psych meds for any length of time?

  23. Quote Originally Posted by TheNietzsche View Post
    Blood work. Then you'll better know how to address this, and our suggestions will be more meaningful. Ever taken any pharmaceuticals or psych meds for any length of time?
    Thanks for the responses guys. I will try to get into the doc and get the blood work done. No pharmaceuticals or psych meds ever.

  24. I do love how every rep pushes their own product in here :P . I know thats your jobs, but in a situation like this where its really helping a guy sort his libido out, we should try find the absolute best thing to help this guy out (apart from suggesting blood), not just tell him to get X product which you represent


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