What supps can younot be without

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    Top ramen & tuna instant coffee and pepsi thats it.
    please don't say you're doing hyphymud lol. I guess if that gets you going though.
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  2. DCP 2.0 - bulk or cut, it helps me stay lean and can be stacked with a number of products

    ArA - same reasons as DCP but for pure LBM.

    Anabeta - versatile as the others i have mentioned, and one of my favorite products hands down.
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  3. epichatechin

  4. Quote Originally Posted by TheStalker View Post
    Joint support & fish oil & creatine are essential for me
    Joint help is becoming a big one for me
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  5. Caffeine
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  6. Creatine, Betaine (I like Green Magnitude for these), DCP 2.0 (honestly, I'd run it year round if I could), Aminos, Cissus, Nitrates, and Protein Powder (although, I use this last one pretty sparingly)

  7. Cissus, creatine mono, beta alanine


  9. protein, aminos, HICA and fish oil

  10. I've got a few staples that I never stop taking:
    Beta Alanine
    Fish Oil
    Joint Help

  11. Usually I think there's not many things I depend on, then when I have to make a list I realize I use a lot more than I think haha.

    ALCAR, really helps with school/studying
    Creatine, no explanation needed
    Fish oil
    CEL Cycle Assist, organ support is highly underrated
    Some form of GDA, Glycophase currently

  12. Quote Originally Posted by TheStalker View Post
    No joint support ?
    Fish oil. Only joint support that I used as well


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