Farting ALL the time! colon help

  1. Farting ALL the time! colon help

    I have such bad flatulence, im boated all the time, at any point, press my stomach and i can pretty much let one go - im like a walking baloon

    If I have rich foods or real ales its unbearable for most - one little 'parp' can clear a whole room. It used to be funny but now its at the point where Im having to leave the room or workplace to be 'decent'.

    I tried taking some probiotics with little success - is there a MEGA dosage probiotic supplement out there? I eat a lot of protein but rarely any fruit or fibre, which im struggling to fit into the macros anyway. Its either find a t fix or change my eating habits, which i know i will struggle to do.

    Im currently on a recomp, everywhere on my body is pretty good but my bloat, i could stick my belly out and youd think i had swallowed a goat!

    short of going to the doc, anything to try first? Ive tryed the yakult drinks and yogurts, did nothing.. colon cleaners offer temporary releif and if anything make the matter worse, active carbon tablets is only a short term solution, the probiotic i bought from the supermarket i didnt think changed much but i know im worse now than ever before.

    im not a big fruit or grain eater.. i get big portons of veg in the evening but again this could be contributing.
    readin the AM newsletter, i feel i could be getting too much bad bacteria int he gut and absorbing too many carbs as a result, and need to balance out the good

  2. You check out Gut Health, by EvoMuse? That's a good one...

  3. I fart all the time when I add pasta and bread to my diet. I do a paleo diet to an extent only vegs and meat It has reduced it big time. Some people cant handle that ****ty ass food.

  4. So you don't want to eat fiber but you want the stomach issues to go away?

  5. Fiber+ probiotics+water= no more bloaty nasty feeling

  6. You can eat a whole bowl of green veggies for like 30-50cals. Don't make excuses. I don't even count green veggies.
    My Protein shake brings all the girls to the yard

  7. Same salad is just a necessity for proper GI function

  8. Fiber. Get some greens in and some fiber from grains and what not.

  9. I'm in a similar boat when it comes to bloating. Gut Health, digestive enzymes such as those from MRM and Beverly also seem to help a little. Increased Fiber is also good, I REALLY liked FiberTeq by VPX before they added flavoring to it.
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  10. Align is good.. it has the B.Infinits strain in it which if you read up on the studies and patent its pretty good. Gut health i didnt notice anything from.

    Like everyone else said.. add fiber man!

  11. I eat plent of veg witht he evening meal, and fibre cereals in the morning.
    I have bought some new stuff though, probiotic 15 billion. Seems pretty high!

  12. If you're on a recomp diet, getting an adequate amount of fiber shouldn't be too big of a stretch.


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