iforce conquer vs AEN PreSurge

  1. iforce conquer vs AEN PreSurge

    Which one do you think is better? Im primarily looking for extreme focus. Im trying to decide on what to stack it with also. my 2 choices are 1 3 dmaa and omega sports ultima. Which combination do you think would be most effective? I really liked craze, want a similar effect to craze.

  2. Out of the two you mentioned I'd go for presurge
    if your concerned about focus.

    Another option would be look into HyperMax as Hyper Focus is its main effect, strong energy, good pumps, full doses of proven ingredients but above all tunnel vision focus that last for hours. Theres a good amount of reviews in product review section, check them out.
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  3. I havent used presurge before, but Conquer has given me some incredible focus in the gym.
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  4. I'm using iF conquer right now and I am definitely under impressed. I've had much better.

  5. AEN Presurge is pretty awesome. Haven't tried Conquer though.

  6. I haven't used Presurge in awhile, but it was great the last time I used it. I like Conquer as well though, I usually go with Hemavol and get my stimulants from other sources.

  7. I have never used presurge so I can't comment there. I tend to prefer the over stimmed, jittery, jacked outa your mind feel Muscle Marinade and Maximize Intense give, but conquer was designed for those that want extreme focus and tunnel vision. I've enjoyed it, but I crave the jitters! The tunnel vision is strong, as the reviews by others will speak of. In addition to that, conquer truly does have a very nice pump complex as well..

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