1. BCAA's

    I've been using reflex BCAA'S capsule and these last few weeks I can't stomach them anymore when I've been fine for the last 6 months. I Keep wanting to be sick and bringing them back up and coughing a big puff off powder normally flys out of my mouth which isn't nice at all!

    So can anyone recommend a powder I can mix with water or a hard tablet? Not bothered about price or brand.


  2. I dont know a whole lot about tablets, I preferr powder.

    With that said, I usually just use Xtend or Body Fuse and mix that with Compete.
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  3. AI's recoverpro is a good price bcaa product
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    You need to drink a lot if water with those capsules, that is usually the cause if powder coming back up.

    As for an alternative I love AminoIV and highly recommend you take a minute to read PES' write up on it


    Cellucor's BCAAs are a solid option as well
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  5. when are you using bcaa's? for intraworkout i've used recoverpro because of the price point and it's pretty good flavoring

    if your looking for intraworkout nutrition though, look into compete, it's the best intra product i've used to date
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  6. Gotti's question is valid, purpose that you're using BCAA's? In between meals...preWO or intra WO?...based in part of the studies that PES and Purus used to formulate their intraWO amino's, I'd use AminoIV, AminoD or even modern BCAA+, for intra, then straight BCAA's, like RecoverPro with preWO (even adding in some extra luecine (sns has a bulk luecine)..then the same for in between meals if you're doing that while dieting...

  7. Just get some of This. Take a scoop pre workout, one post workout, and one before bed. Just have some water ready to chase it. I believe there is coupon code AM8 to save 8 percent off your total order also. Leucine doesn't mix with water, it's not meant to. No real need to supplement with the other aminos. Leucine is all you need.

  8. Pre and post workout

  9. Quote Originally Posted by MarkF View Post
    Pre and post workout
    If you are dosing pre and post workout that means you are probably looking to maximize MPS and should be shooting for 3-5g of Leucine in those. You can get that with Analyzed Supplements Leucine Tablets (1g per Tablet).

    If you were to look for something during, as the others, mentioned an EAA product would be your best choice. Right now Nutraplanet still has a sale going on for PES Amino IV where you get a free AS Leucine.
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