help please

  1. help please

    What would be another good product like Follidrone since its always out of stock ?

  2. I don't make comparisons myself, but -- the ppl I see who are considering follidrone, are also considering and mulling our MASS 550

    MASS 550 is a natural, complete product, novel test booster with DAA and vitamin D3 - AND an aromatase inhibitor.. the maslinic acid will increase protein turnover (assimilation) priming the body for muscle growth, with no exogenous hormonal compounds in the formula -- so, no PCT needed with this one!

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  3. Quote Originally Posted by EddieILift409 View Post
    What would be another good product like Follidrone since its always out of stock ?
    What category of product are you seeking? A natural anabolic?

  4. there are both myosynergy and King, both are built around the same priciples as follidrone.
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    Try to catch Folli when it is in stock but another solid option is Anabeta
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  6. Quote Originally Posted by aaronuconn View Post
    What category of product are you seeking? A natural anabolic?

  7. I just started MyoSynergy yesterday. I would look into that as well as AnaBeta Elite, ArA, and reviews seem to be good for Phosphatidic Acid so far (Cutler King).
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  8. There really isn't anything like Follidrone, but I do have to agree with the suggestion on Anabeta. It was really the only other supplement in the last years that I truly enjoyed and saw nice gains and recovery. It reminded me of Folli in that you see composition changes occur fairly quickly.

    My other suggestion is to keep an eye out because there are restocks of Folli coming in.

  9. Alphamax would definitely be a good alternative if you cant find Folli (I've been trying to get some to try too!) Solid test booster with armistane and a solid dose of forskolin. Lots of good reviews here and throughout the boards.
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