Just wanted to give my 2 cents on 6-mdrol by MR. I just finished a 4 week cycle.. Ran it solo 100/100/100/125 ED. Did this because I wanted to expert what a solo nonmethyl run would be like, since it's less toxic. No sides other than dryness. Overall it didn't give me great gains, but my strength did go up slightly. I went from 225x7 to 225x10 on bench and squat went from 275x5 to 285x5. Nothing spectacular but it did allow me to push through workouts on days I normally wouldn't have been able to go 100%. I gained 2 lbs.

I would run again but would definitely up the dosage and maybe add in another ph.

If you want something with big gains it's not the greatest to run solo but if you want something that's not harsh, give it a shot.