Hica & Leucine needed? Between meals and Pre/Intra

  1. Hica & Leucine needed? Between meals and Pre/Intra

    Sorry guys I'm confused regarding Leucine & Hica. Should you use both or if using Hica is Leucine needed? I workout fasted so would possibly use in the 8 hours leading up to workout then pre/intra for workout.

    Options = Amino IV, Hica-Max, Bulk Leucine (Also using Alphamine = Hica)

  2. hmm I think there is HICA in Amino IV?? almost sure you dont need additional Leucine if you take HICA

  3. HICA or leucine, will do, both may be better. Amino IV seems best fit for your schedule honestly

  4. Thanks guys. So could i use Amino in the 8 hours between waking and working out (I will use 1 pre & 1 Intra also)

    Or if I used Hica max would it be the same layout.

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