Adrafinil for intense focus and energy ?

  1. Adrafinil for intense focus and energy ?

    I was wondering does anyone have any experience with adrafinil ? For those of you who never heard of adrafinil here's a quick summary: adrafinil is a precursor to modifinil, which means your body will metabolize adranafil to produce modifinil. So it will pretty much boost focus and concentration ALOT. Now if your looking for a boost for your workouts or just need more focus and concentration for the day this would work great for you. I'm looking for some feedback on people who have tried it and what source they used. Appreciate and feedback ! And yes adrafinil is legal !

  2. It can also kill your appetite and cause some serious muscle pain.

  3. Really ? Have you tried it ? I have heard of appetite loss but not muscle

  4. Yes I had modafinil when it was easier to get ahold of, didn't happen the first time but after a few days I started feeling a lot of muscle tension to the point where it felt like cramps which I thought it was at first but it went away when I stopped.

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