What to stack with erase pro while on a cut

  1. What to stack with erase pro while on a cut

    Hey guys im 20 185lbs and doing 2300 cals 175p 75f 230c give or take. Im 6 punds down so far. Anyway im looking into getting a hold of erase pro since ive heard many good reviews off it. Anyway should I be good just taking that or should I stack it with any other solid supps? Any insight is greatly appreciated. Thanks

  2. I stacked it with compound 20, so far I've been getting really good results. 7 weeks on it and I'm keeping most of my strength still. Changes in diet, just lesser carbs. I was at about 2 grams per bodypound and now I go around a gram per/lb or less on none workout days. Protein intake still ~200 grams a day. Fats are the only thing I don't really count, I probably keep it at 0.5 grams/lb of body weight.


    start weight = 185 lbs.
    currently @ 170 lbs.

  3. I would think Forskolin would be a good addition. You can pick some up from Analyzed Supplements.

  4. perhaps some divinil too!
    testabolan has been a game changer for me.
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    The classic combo that is fantastic for a recomp here would be Erase pro + Anabeta Elite.

    If this is more of a cut look into Alphamine or Norcodrene

    All 3 can be seen here with write-ups

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  6. I feel just adding Erase Pro may be a solid choice on its own. Its effects on PPAR should set up a scenario for some very nice fat loss.

    Have you used any fat burners before? Considering your goals if you were to add something Norcodrene or Alphamine would be worth looking into. As you get further along into your cut the added energy, mood boost, appetite suppression, and added effects on fat loss could be very helpful.
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  7. Cutting? I am guessing yes as summer is right around the corner. Look to add Dexparine and/or TT-33
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  8. What about ARA? I've heard good reviews off of it too.
    Or is it geared more towards a bulk?
    So right now I'm pretty much on a budget, will getting the regular erase also be good enough or is erase pro way better?
  9. AnabolicMinds Site Rep
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    Alpha T2
    Forskolin 50

    What i ran and lost over a good 15+ pounds in 8 weeks on the products. Great Stack and killer results.
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  10. Dexaprine XR and Forskolin would be a sick combo.

  11. I have always had better progress with Erase Pro, but have seen great things with regular Erase as well. Some prefer regular Erase because it gives them more control on the dosing, but then you're missing out on some quality additions as well. If it's a budget issue, then give regular Erase a try and see how well it works for you.
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  12. i'm currently using
    tropinol xp

    i'm enjoying hte ride so far, i'm sure if you added erase pro into that mix, it would be even better
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