I was sick, It was testicular Cancer... "support"

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  1. For those that like a good heavy deadlift. with some rock music and abit of anger.. check out my Cancer DEADlift pull done 22after chemo and hell....ho

    once again thanks for everyone ... the support... the prayers.. and the anger channeled into me..
    Hope yall support

  2. Great news!!!! Nice lift!

  3. Okay guys! So im all cured, done and finished. I recorded the surgery to show yaŽll the last step apon my journey as an ill person.


    Im back in the gym, and hittin weights. Theres a limit due to surgery but i should surpass that within a week or two! Please like and subscribe, share it with others fighting to motivate... i will be comming up with content apon how i survived missdiagnosis and actually stopped the spreading by own hand.

  4. Hey man, glad to hear your recovery is going so well. I'm sure it's been a hard battle. Out of curiosity what were the symptoms that the doctor missed? I always thought testicular cancer was a lump that would be pretty easy for a doctor to diagnose.

  5. Well, went to the doctor. Told em i had a lump and they refused and said it was something else. After visting them for 2weeks they decided to clear my head? they sent my to scan and the dude doing that told me he was quite sure it was cancer. Judging from the picture! Nevertheless i was sent to a specialist that told me he WAS QUITE SURE IT WAS NOTHING AND TAKING A BIOPSI WOULD BE RETARDED. Eventhough i kept pushing him, he refered himself as an expert and said how i dared to question him since i was only an atlete... I decided to listen to the retarded and this was the biggest mistake ever

    2-3months after the lump slowly grew, i started to feel pain and a dulge strike. 1months later i had eye floaters and then 1months after i had tinnitus! i kept visiting doctors and they all said it was mental... I knew the symptoms were due to cancer and that my immunesystem was under stress.
    2months after my blood pressure shoot up to 170 systolic, wich again would be an indicator of stress and that my endosystem was out of quack. It was as god spoke through me, but everyone else was against me eventhough every thought i had was true and real! they all kinda just shshed me.

    Eventually it had spread wich I also told them, and then they really felt pissed off. How could i be speaking so much about it as if i knew everything! Eventually 7months passed untill their thicks heads would listen... Everything i said was right, i had surgery and then chemo for the lymph.

    - The intire problem comes from the specialist refusing to give me a biopsi. He could even have take a simple blood test, but no neither did he do that... I am sueing the intire medical system right now through our country service. Then when i get the money for all of their big ass mistakes i will try sue the specialist as he has written a papir 8months after seeing him, that i was mentally ill and that i refused to take a biopsi.. makes no sense?

    Writes that i come to him telling him i have cancer, but later on says i refure to take a biopsi? retard.

  6. Here is a video: Aggresion to win!
    Going through Surgery -> Chemo -> Surgery as one of the members posted here. I went through the same surgery and have the same scar... Ive been hitting the gym for a full month now and have gained 8.5kg and increased my arm size by 2.5cm "this is contributed to reexercising, diet, gluclose, and sarcoplasmatic growth" never the less its ALOT... Im giving my all to return back and beyound.

    I hope you all like it, support, and subscribe.. The intire goal is to show everyone that it is possible, ive survived war, survived no parenthood, and now cancer. Ive always chosen to fight untill death was apon me, but untill then im almost impossible to beat.

    There is a 2-3newer videos that i have not posted, check them out. Thanks everybody

  7. Congratulations!


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