I was sick, It was testicular Cancer... "support"

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  1. Thanks alot T-bone!
    Site looks awesome, ill be looking at it tomorrow when i wake up " its like 01:13 " here in Denmark

    My only wish is to enjoy life now that ive been dragged into hell... its really a battle to make the government understand, that i cant just sit down and study now.. If i did that i would automaticly get 5000kr danish krones amonth, but the option isent there.. I cant sit on a chair and act as if nothing has happend.. i gotta go out, go live and then come back.. build a belly and get fat while studying

    I did my very first workout today and did a 5RM test. Im planning to do a HST program so i needed the numbers:
    Squat 80kg 5RM
    Deadlift 100kg
    Benchpress 60kg
    Pulldowns 70kg
    Shoulderpress 20kg

    They actually might be some what higher, but since i havent moved for 5month! And we´re talking about not even taking a walk or doing stairs, the majority of muscle tension is lost and so has alot of the muscle mass! There is no doubt that its gonna increase fast if i put the time into it.

    my lift before illness were:
    Squat 230kg Box squat
    Deadlift 210kg
    Benchpress 120kg
    Pulldowns 105kg
    Shoulderpress 35kg
    and for the record i curled 32.5kg each arm

    Night people.

  2. All the best to you, Profion,

  3. This is a good book to get from Amazon - Outsmart Your Cancer: Alternative Non-Toxic Treatments That Work (Second Edition) With CD

  4. Quote Originally Posted by rhgunner View Post
    This is a good book to get from Amazon - Outsmart Your Cancer: Alternative Non-Toxic Treatments That Work (Second Edition) With CD
    He doesn't need alternative therapy, we have chemo for testicular cancer nailed down pretty well relative to other cancers, prognosis is great. Don't dance with the devil, just complete the chemo course and say goodbye to cancer. Or take an unnecessary homeopathic approach and risk dying. The decision to me is quite simple

  5. I have read many alternative medcine books. If we think alittle, the old medcine was once preached before the new age started to make orgnaisations that would start to drop down other ways of treatment...

    That being said, BEP for TC is one of the best treatments out there! If you should have a certain C it should be TC, as we actually have a cure for it. The curerate is 95% ish and we´re often talking for good.. But we also have to realise that there is a reason for our illness, a reason that C has become and is a growing illness.

    We allreaddy know that smoking, drinking, fastfood, medication has the possiblity of cousing cancer.. Thereby we can also conclude that our diet, our choices and lives have a big impact on our health! Now a days meat is pumped with steroids, animals are growing faster in cages then outside. Plants have become GMO and so on!

    The new age has made life easier, but it has also come with its cons. When I first diagnosed myself, and the actually scan picture showed cancer cells I decided to change my life around and diet aswell!! Funny part is that the specialist afterward dident recieve the picture and only did an psycial exam, his conclusion was that it wasent cancer. And kept quacking about how stupid I was if i took a biopsi.
    ^If only that doctor had, had some brains... I woudent sit here many months later and being done with chemo i woudent have been smacked down to earth and I woudent have gone through all those wierd symptoms "tinnitus - eyefloaters - overall feeling of posion running in my veins" Lost my job, My passion and some of my life.

    I believe that, if we fuel our body with the right foods our body is actually able to combat almost everything. Recover from anything. And achieve what is almost impossible! I do believe that our body actually creates C-cells on a regular basic, but fed right cleanses out the toxins and thereby making us able to keep on going... Thats why some smokers can actually smoke their intire life, ect.

    But I as a fitness person consumed giant amounts of meat. Mega amounts of supplements. Punished my body 24/7 and never fed it "right". I never ate greens or fruit, nor did i ever drink water. Its hard to say, but i do believe i was hit there for a reason? As my life evolves around testosteron.

    My advice would be: Eat healthy, Eat organic, Fruits n veggies, alot of water, and most of all listen to your body! If you do so, i do believe our body is capable of going through the modern life.

  6. Very common among cancer patients is that they tend to blame themselves. Unless it's lung cancer of the squamous or small cell variety, lifestyle plays a role but so do genetics. ESPECIALLY for testicular cancer and someone in your age group...the dominant risk factor is indeed genetics. There's only one major environmental risk factor and that's cryptorchidism.

  7. I wasn't saying to try alternative medicine instead, but is a pretty good read. It also has the author's story that is very inspirational. Also, it deals with how to boost your own immune system. I put my wife on this supplement before her surgery, during chemo & radiation, and after: Cell Forté® IP-6 & Inositol

    serious deep immune support†

    Ultra-Strength Powder - Citrus Flavored
    Ultra-strength immune-boosting formula* in citrus-flavored powder.*
    Cell Forte IP-6 & Inositol supports natural killer-cell activity, and helps promote overall immune function.*

    I'm not trying to sell products or books, it's just what we used.

  8. Thanks for telling.
    Im doing my own regime of juices, foods n workouts to help my body into recovery now!

    I was actually back at the hospital showing off as i feel fantastisk! They were amazed of how fast i had recovered, and told me that i looked very good. As I was waiting out side, a dude came out with his mom. I was open enough to stop them and ask the boy about what cancer he had, and he told me it was tc! He then later told me that he was 17 wich simply just blew my mind...... I told him my story and gave him my number, if he wanted any support during his chemo or had any questions about how he should feel.

    Simply does show that it might be more then our foods n such... genetics hmm yeah.
    But here in Denmark we actually have one of the highest rates of TC in the world? for what reason, i cant really say.

    - I bought the Gopro Hero3+ Black Edition today, and will record a video of my story for the fundraiser page aswell as for people on AM.. Then ill be starting up my youtube channel about fitness and returning back, diet, and overall health! I will be talking about TC aswell as what i did, hopefully i can be one of the first chemo/c youtubers that actually go through how it feels and whats helps! Like wise the recovery phase

  9. Sounds that your doing great, keep it up! Giving back to others by telling your story is great and will help everyone including yourself.

  10. Hey guys
    I just created a new channel, aswell as a video for the new channel!
    For some reason youtube changed the resolution to 480 from 1080Hd widescreen.. My camara made a wierd sound due to the protection sports cover around it, so please coop with it.. I talk about my cancer aswell as the journey through it, at 5:00 i actually start to "juice" and music is put on

    Please like and subscribe that would be a big help :=
    Hope you guys like it


    I will also post my workout soon

  11. I will be uploading a "training video before and after cancer"
    please subscribe!

  12. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kr1r...ature=youtu.be
    if you dont want to story skip to 4:00
    Please subscribe and like guys! it helps alot

    ^workout video

  13. Hey again guys.
    I just created a fundraise for myself, i hope you check it out
    Anything is appreciated.

    You may also share it among your friends, familie and social network!

    Thanks alot guys

  14. So.... I completed the 3xBEP and let me tell you it was hard! You have no idea and will never have of the suffering i have been through.. Yet i choose to be postive and use this a fuel for life... I myself will decide when its time to die and no other...............

    Bloods came out normal after the very first chemo treatment, wich was very promising! 2months later and finished the complete cycle I had a call from the doc today. The CT-scan showed that the lymphnod had not deceased to the normal size of 1cm and was slighly above that! Yet bloods were normal and there was no elevated markers, wich means that the cells are dead! To be sure they remove the lympnod, so i am looking forward to the surgery! as this will be the last step in a 9month battle...

    I thank you all for your support and hope that I have inspired people to fight when life presents a harsh task... Some times in life you have to hit back!
    Please follow my channel "healthoman / youtube"
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kr1rVBy2ahs "4:20 motivational start"

    A new video will be uploadet tomorrow and i will be starting a Vlog- for people to follow
    like n sub as always
    cya guys

  15. So im back
    And cancer is all dead... I won... still a little surgery to remove the dead lymph but thats just all money.. im just happy now thanks.

    I made Vlog 2.
    its an invitation to one my days, how i look apon it, what i do, how i feel and so on please subscribe and like guys

  16. For those that like a good heavy deadlift. with some rock music and abit of anger.. check out my Cancer DEADlift pull done 22after chemo and hell....ho

    once again thanks for everyone ... the support... the prayers.. and the anger channeled into me..
    Hope yall support

  17. Great news!!!! Nice lift!

  18. Okay guys! So im all cured, done and finished. I recorded the surgery to show ya´ll the last step apon my journey as an ill person.


    Im back in the gym, and hittin weights. Theres a limit due to surgery but i should surpass that within a week or two! Please like and subscribe, share it with others fighting to motivate... i will be comming up with content apon how i survived missdiagnosis and actually stopped the spreading by own hand.

  19. Hey man, glad to hear your recovery is going so well. I'm sure it's been a hard battle. Out of curiosity what were the symptoms that the doctor missed? I always thought testicular cancer was a lump that would be pretty easy for a doctor to diagnose.

  20. Well, went to the doctor. Told em i had a lump and they refused and said it was something else. After visting them for 2weeks they decided to clear my head? they sent my to scan and the dude doing that told me he was quite sure it was cancer. Judging from the picture! Nevertheless i was sent to a specialist that told me he WAS QUITE SURE IT WAS NOTHING AND TAKING A BIOPSI WOULD BE RETARDED. Eventhough i kept pushing him, he refered himself as an expert and said how i dared to question him since i was only an atlete... I decided to listen to the retarded and this was the biggest mistake ever

    2-3months after the lump slowly grew, i started to feel pain and a dulge strike. 1months later i had eye floaters and then 1months after i had tinnitus! i kept visiting doctors and they all said it was mental... I knew the symptoms were due to cancer and that my immunesystem was under stress.
    2months after my blood pressure shoot up to 170 systolic, wich again would be an indicator of stress and that my endosystem was out of quack. It was as god spoke through me, but everyone else was against me eventhough every thought i had was true and real! they all kinda just shshed me.

    Eventually it had spread wich I also told them, and then they really felt pissed off. How could i be speaking so much about it as if i knew everything! Eventually 7months passed untill their thicks heads would listen... Everything i said was right, i had surgery and then chemo for the lymph.

    - The intire problem comes from the specialist refusing to give me a biopsi. He could even have take a simple blood test, but no neither did he do that... I am sueing the intire medical system right now through our country service. Then when i get the money for all of their big ass mistakes i will try sue the specialist as he has written a papir 8months after seeing him, that i was mentally ill and that i refused to take a biopsi.. makes no sense?

    Writes that i come to him telling him i have cancer, but later on says i refure to take a biopsi? retard.

  21. Here is a video: Aggresion to win!
    Going through Surgery -> Chemo -> Surgery as one of the members posted here. I went through the same surgery and have the same scar... Ive been hitting the gym for a full month now and have gained 8.5kg and increased my arm size by 2.5cm "this is contributed to reexercising, diet, gluclose, and sarcoplasmatic growth" never the less its ALOT... Im giving my all to return back and beyound.

    I hope you all like it, support, and subscribe.. The intire goal is to show everyone that it is possible, ive survived war, survived no parenthood, and now cancer. Ive always chosen to fight untill death was apon me, but untill then im almost impossible to beat.

    There is a 2-3newer videos that i have not posted, check them out. Thanks everybody

  22. Congratulations!


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