1. Natadrol?

    Has anyone had any experience with Natadrol?

    I was thinking of substituting Natadrol for ABE in my next 4 weeks (will be using Alphamax, ArA as well)

  2. Sorry bruh I don't have any input but I wanna try natadrol I've heard good reviews and they had a good deal going on with natadrol th t if u buy a bottle u get a free bottle of daa

  3. Natadrol has a high concentration of Cissus and since part of its dosing protocol requires preworkout, I wouldn't use it with ArA. Use it after your ArA run.

  4. LG seems to really be reaching. Natadrol didn't work with the first version and it doesn't appear all that effective in its revamped form.
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  5. The OG one was awesome, not sure about the new one!

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  6. Quote Originally Posted by criticalbench View Post
    The OG one was awesome, not sure about the new one!

    this... I ran it several times and every single time I got great strength gains from it.
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