1. Natadrol?

    Has anyone had any experience with Natadrol?

    I was thinking of substituting Natadrol for ABE in my next 4 weeks (will be using Alphamax, ArA as well)

  2. Sorry bruh I don't have any input but I wanna try natadrol I've heard good reviews and they had a good deal going on with natadrol th t if u buy a bottle u get a free bottle of daa

  3. Natadrol has a high concentration of Cissus and since part of its dosing protocol requires preworkout, I wouldn't use it with ArA. Use it after your ArA run.

  4. The OG one was awesome, not sure about the new one!

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  5. Quote Originally Posted by criticalbench View Post
    The OG one was awesome, not sure about the new one!

    this... I ran it several times and every single time I got great strength gains from it.
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