Review My Stackkk

  1. Review My Stackkk

    I am about to do a bulking stack. Want you guys to help me out and answer some questions on dosing and length of cycle.

    Usplabs Prime, doing the 6/9 protocol. Was thinking about doing it for 6-8 weeks? what do you think is best?
    PES Anabeta (not elite), is the regual 4 pills a day a good dose? also how long should I run it for? Was thinking 8 weeks?
    X-factor Molecular Nutrition, Again what is a good dose and cycle length

    Was thinking about again creatine but do you think its worth it to add in?

    thanks guys, look forward to hearing from everyone

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  3. Yes AnaBeta is 4 caps per day and can be run up to 8 weeks. Usually 2 caps pre and post and spread out on off days.

    For ArA: The Arachidonic Acid Help Guide

    Creatine is always a solid choice so I'd add some. No need for a fancy kind just go with bulk mono. You you do feel the need for something other than that I'd look into CL Green Magnitude because it also covers solid doses on Taurine and TMG.
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