Boosting Test HELP?

  1. Boosting Test HELP?

    I,m kind of new here so please go easy. This may not be the right forum to post this in but I'll ask anyway. Ihave never taken any prohormones or any other testosterone enhancing compounds. Does anyone think that using a PCT would be worthwhile to boost my natural test? If so , what would be the best to do so. I'm in my mid 30's if this would make any difference.

  2. just get some tribulus bro.

  3. You are definately at testosterone replacement therapy age. You could just go into your doc and ask if you could get a comprehensive blood test including testosterone levels (free and total).

    As far as supps, Dr. D recommends fenugreek and DHEA. I believe he's in his 30's as well. Both are cheap, so you could give that a shot. But the TRT is the best bet if you are looking for increased test levels.

  4. I read somewhere that there are two types of DHEA. If I'm not mistaken one is better for test but I'm not sure which one. I've considered TRT though. I just need to find a descent doc. I live in a small town and mostly the docs stink. Are any of the on-line HRT centers any count?

  5. A visit to the doc is a good idea. Not only to get your test levels checked but if you are going to start taking ANYTHING that effects you you need to know this stuff.

    For example, how is the BP or the cholesterol? The good cholesterol is important in your natural test production etc.

    And to answer your question - trib is worth a try. Results differ a lot with people so there is a fair amount of debate about the product.

    Also give these folks more information, like goals and stats they can give you some great advice.

  6. For your case, get regular DHEA like at Wal-Mart. The other is 7-keto-dhea, which is better for corisol reduction.

  7. how much fenugreek and dhea are you recommending for him?

  8. I'm moving this to supps because:

    1) It's not related to anabolics, at least directly. Most PCT methods involving Rx drugs are not recommended for someone just wanting to boost natty test levels, not post-cycle

    2) There is plenty of info here on test boosting supps that are easy, OTC solutions. I would not seek HRT as a first-course solution to simply wanting to boost natty test levels, JMO. You need to go to an endocrinologist and establish baseline levels, seeing if your test is consistantly low before proceeding.

  9. tribulus would be good at around 3-4 grams a day. also look into some tongkat-ali it is stronger than trib.
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