Dopadex with EC

  1. Dopadex with EC

    I'm trying to get my dopadex timing down properly. Any recommendations? My current supp schedule is:

    wake up pre workout
    whey isolate with bcaa, beta alanine, l-cit
    200mg caffeine, 24mg ephedrine, 2g LCLT, 25mg forskolin95, 1g l-tyrosine

    4-6 hours later
    200mg caffeine, 24mg ephedrine, 2g LCLT, 25mg forskolin95

    4-6 hours later
    200mg caffeine, 16 mg ephedrine, 2g LCLT, 25mg forskolin95

    Where should I put my dopadex doses? Is it ok to take with ec and tyrosine? Take it immediately port workout? Before bed? 1 cap 3 x a day?


  2. Sorry for the thread post, but it's informative in this situation as to why you may want to avoid it.

  3. Thanks man. I appreciate it. I'll probably just stick to 1 or 2 caps before bed after reading this.

  4. 1-2 pre-bed with your stack
    HIGH VOLUME - Supreme Stim-Free Nitric Oxide Matrix
    SELECT Protein
    - Ultra-Premium Blend
    ALPHAMINE - Thermogenics...Redefined

  5. Oh I forgot to add Synthetic Supps Agmatine @ 500mg with my preworkout and second doses...keep that pump all day!


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