Collagen types I & III

  1. Collagen types I & III

    I'm getting old. I'm trying to address skin issues from the inside as I already use some solid topicals.

    Already adhere to very healthy diet and myriad of anti-aging supps.

    Objective with using Collagen orally is to give my body the tools it needs and assist it in building/repairing/regrowing skin/elastin and thwart (potentially reverse?) some signs of aging in the face.
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  3. Piggybacking off Touey, Type II has the best data orally

  4. Have yet to try Type II, but have used NeoCell Type I and III with impressive results; way better skin elasticity and appearance, better joint flexibility, big drop in pain and creakiness, better sleep. Stack with MSM and Vit C. Has to be taken on an empty stomach so I would usually take it before bed.

    I've read that some people stack all 3 types along with Hyaluronic Acid (Celadrin is better IMO).

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