dhea lowers testosterone levels?

  1. dhea lowers testosterone levels?

    I read some.articles saying taking dhea lowers test leves is this true statement or false?

  2. It could, due to the natural feedback to raised DHEA levels. DHEA aromatizes to esterone which could cause a negative feedback which may suppress LH.

    If you're DHEA levels are lower than baseline though, supplementing with DHEA could benefit you though.

    Also, this is strictly speaking of regular DHEA rather than the various DHEA metabolites.

  3. So dhea leves depend on age as well as for the low testosterone levels?

  4. I think it is a very grey area, with not enough research behind it to make a substantiated clearcut conclusion

  5. Quote Originally Posted by vicmagana View Post
    So dhea leves depend on age as well as for the low testosterone levels?
    It's basically a hormone that can be converted to androgen or estrogen hormones. Taking it essentially does not guarantee conversion to androgen hormones. There's also the issue with the body trying to maintain homeostasis. Pretty complicated tbh.

  6. Ah okay makes more sense thanks


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