nettle products

  1. nettle products

    How long do people run nettle products for typically?

  2. Generally 8-12 weeks. A pure nettle product IMO does just fine for 12 weeks, a combined product like Alphamax with ingredients like Arimistane should be cut after 8 weeks IMO.
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  3. Thanks for the reply

  4. 8 weeks is what I would generally do

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  5. 8-12 weeks.. what are you using it for though?
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  6. Test booster, thinking about stocking up on it though for part of future cycles after seeing someone say it keeps hair on your head

  7. not all nettle root is created equally...what are you using? I've used a few different raw materials, all with different standardizations and get different results from each.
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  8. I have divamax and I feel like I can notice some things already, im about 3 weeks in. I feel I notice more taking the full dose at one time than I do splitting it throughout the day. Whats the best product you have used?

  9. Haven't heard of them before tbh, but looks pretty legit. See how you like it...if you ever wanna try something else with some more added goodies in it, check out Testabolan. Comes with a full 2g of ALCAR and 40mg narangin per day.
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