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    Hey guys, after noticing the CEE Thunder ingredients I realized a lot of that stuff in is V12 or Swole, and I have whole containers of that stuff lying around. Granted Im taking only CEE powder right now, would it help to take, say, a scoop or two of V12 with my CEE or would the creatine malates in those products compete with the CEE for absorption or something like that (I wouldnt think that would be a problem). I dont mind the taste of CEE but it would also help with that too....thanks


  2. I'm using a CEE product (SNS - CE2) with a Dicreate Malate (SNS -CVM extreme) and I'm getting great results

  3. i'd mix em together. some people prefer to take 2-3g CEE and 5g monohydrate at the same time.

  4. I thought about doing the same but I had some concerns over two creatines vying for position in my muscles. Mainly I didn't want CEE to no have room because some other creatine has taken up all the space. I haven't researched this so I don't really know what happens when you take more than one version of creatine. I'd rather be safe and just going to stick with using straight CEE or a CEE blend with CEE being the only creatine ingredient.

  5. I started off using creatine a few years ago using straight monohydrate. I got almost nothing

    About a year and a half ago i used Syntrax swoleV2 (dicreatine malate) and got good results.

    About a year ago, I stacked swolev2 with mono and got incredible results.

    Now I'm stacking CE2 and CVM by SNS and getting the best results so far....I dont think the creatines will "vie" for position because the different types are just ways to increase absorbtion, they both have pretty much the same "goals". I could be wrong though.



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