AI Form-xt

  1. AI Form-xt

    anyone have any experience with this AI form-xt?
    i have used erase OG in the past and it was obviously gnarly i loved; just take some extra glucosamine on the side and had no dry out problems.
    I just have never used any liquid supplements and want to know if it will have more of an affect i.e. the dry out. I do a lot of squats/cleans/deadlifts so the knees drying out will be a problem and i want to make sure it could be controlled by typical doses of joint supplementation.
    I plan on stacking it with endosurge turbo and c20 or should i just stick with whats proven (erase).

  2. personally I prefer the erase. I used form-x when it was a pill and it wasn't the best I had used. I cant say if the liquid delivery would help it.
    have you tried reversitol yet? its a very well liked product for optimizing ones hormones and reducing estrogens.
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