1. advice

    Any good recommendations on a supplement for joints , tendons etc

  2. Cissus extract

  3. Quote Originally Posted by titanblue71 View Post
    Any good recommendations on a supplement for joints , tendons etc
    Cissus XT is a great choice. Many have used it with success.

  4. Thnks for your help appreciate it man, just goggle it n pretty cheap too!!

  5. Cissus + animal flex = gtg.

  6. joint help could has the cissus your looking for, but theres a ton of joint products out there
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  7. Cissus XT. If its a localized issue the EPharm Joint force or NOW Topical Celadrin would work great

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  8. Fish oil
    Nutraceutical Innovations
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  9. Quote Originally Posted by liftandeat View Post
    Cissus extract
    Cissus xt, fish oil, glucosamin, sulfur, msm, typically reducing inflammation, magnesium...etc.
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  10. Wd 40
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  11. Quote Originally Posted by hvactech View Post
    Wd 40
    Lolol, the memories of wd-40...

  12. Physical Therapy.

    Spend the money for at least a month of complex stretches and massage--preferably from a good looking lady for an added testosterone boost.

    And make sure you have a surplus of Vitamin C and Magnesium in your diet from whole foods; however, the former would be ok in supplementation as well.


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