What vitamins/minerals to take with DAA products?

  1. What vitamins/minerals to take with DAA products?

    Hey all,

    There seems to be some debate on whether it's wise to take zinc and/or magnesium with DAA, since both are supposedly some sort of NDMA inhibitors. I've also got advice against supplementing DAA with vitamin D. Any thoughts on this?

    What would you guys consider to be the "safest" vitamins and minerals to take with DAA products?

    Thx in advance.

  2. You are fine to take vitamins around your DAA. If you are looking for a good all in one option, you could look at 'Active Multi by FINAFLEX.


    It is currently on sale for $12.91

  3. I force athletic multi, D3 and perhaps fish oil.

  4. The poor OP didn't ask for MV recommendations guys.

    Vitamin D is fine

  5. I can see why there is concern, but I honestly wouldn't over think it too much. Zinc might block some effects of DAA and magnesium might potentiate some effects of DAA. With a "might" on both of those.
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