Arimistane and 7-Oxo-DHEA

  1. Arimistane and 7-Oxo-DHEA

    Hi guys, been a long time member, but this is my first post. I am curious about some things and hope I am in the correct forum.

    I am about to start a 6 week run of 11-Sterone with some 3,5 Diiodothyronine that I had lying around. I ran the 11-Sterone a while back for about 7 weeks, starting at 300 mg and working my way up to about a gram in the final week. Honestly, below 750 mg, I didn't really notice anything from it, but once I got above 750 mg I felt that things were starting to happen. I'm going to spend the next cycle above 750 mg. and throw in about 600-900 mcg of 3,5 Diiodothyronine with it and I expect this will give me a decent recomp effect - or at least I hope it will.

    Since I am using such large doses of 11-Sterone, I am going to be using a serm for 4 weeks after the cycle ends and was planning on throwing in some Erase (arimistane), 7-oxo-DHEA and Forskolin, with the hope that I will be helping my test return to normal, but also support my thyroid with this protocol.

    I was planning on 400 mg of 7-oxo-DHEA/day but may bump that to 600 mg if anyone thinks that would help (I know there are issues with bio-availability). Forskolin will be probably around 150-200 mg/day. And I figured I'd probably be looking for about 75-100 mg of arimistane.

    The arimistane is the one product which I have never used, so I've been researching more, and I found that it is also known as something like 3-deoxy-7-oxo-DHEA - which I found interesting.

    I know almost nothing about chemistry and even less about all this nomenclature. It seems to me that Arimistane and 7-oxo are very different compounds, but the nomenclature caught my eye- how different are these products?

  2. Arimistane is 3-deSoxy-7-oxo-dhea.

    As for your plan, keep in mind that 7-oxo-dhea/arimistane will continue to suppress 11b-HSD1, which is the primary target of 11-oxo. This isn't a bad thing per se, but something to note

  3. Thanks for the reply, and the correction Mr. Cooper.

    My thinking on the 7-oxo is that it is "weaker" in reducing cortisol, and will help me to keep any fat loss that I've obtained with the 11-oxo, while recovering and that it may also help get my thyroid hormone production back in line at the same time (although I think 7-OH may be better at this?). I know this is probably wishful thinking. Do you think that it would be better to take the 7-oxo with the 11-oxo at the same time, wait until I am done with PCT and then use the 7-oxo, or just scrap it all together?

    And thanks for the correction - but the question still remains, what does the 3-desoxy group do to change the nature of 7-oxo-DHEA? I know this is probably complex, but I'm just looking for what I can get and trying to understand how stacking 3-desoxy-oxo-DHEA with 7-oxo-DHEA may have any benefit.

    Thanks again!

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