I just came across this old thread I started while lurking the forums. I had forgotten all about it (the irony). I figured I'd provide an update. I did end up seeing a psychiatrist for my memory issues. It took many months before I could finally see someone thanks to my annoying health insurance plan. He felt they were probably due to the many years of various SSRI use. He explained how he's now finding more and more cases similar to mine occuring with people that have used SSRI's longterm and thinks it may in part be due to many of them being anticholinergenic. With his oversite, I've recently started taking a supplement which includes alcar, nalt, cdp choline, dmae and theanine. We're going to start slow with over the counter supplements (again, due to my crappy insurance) and see if the combination of ingredients will help with the memory issues. If not, we'll look into something stronger or prescription strength.