Help with a stack for my cut

  1. Help with a stack for my cut

    Hey all just wanted to ask a few questions on how to stack some of the products i have
    Ephedrine HCL 50mg
    Primaforce Yohimbine HCL
    Primaforce caffeine 200mg
    PES Alpha T2
    PES Erase Pro
    DS LeanXtreme
    Preety sure i have some Green coffe bean extract and green tea extract lying around althought i dont think they make a difference
    Currently at 11%bf trying to get to 7%

    I know its a lot of supps but i just cant work out how to stack them all and should i add or remove any of them

  2. I don't see the need to combine Y-HCL with the AlphaT2 and I wouldn't combine E-HCL with either, but you could split it into a couple stacks depending on how much of each product you have and how long you are looking to cut for.
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  3. What you are trying to say in the first part of your post is "Your heart might explode in your fuking chest man" Yes i was just thinking about it the stack might be a bit stresfull on the heart

  4. I wouldn't add the yohimbine with that much ephedrine.

    Would love to see someone run Diablo/Erasepro/ephedrine stack. I bet that would cause some serious leaning effects.
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  5. Diablo seems to be a really good supp will deff try it for my next cut is there anywhere that i can just get ADILASE alone since alot of theese components are already in the stack

  6. ive never heard of diablo...
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  7. ECA / ECY is plenty strong enough! don't really need extras IME
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  8. Quote Originally Posted by R1balla View Post
    ive never heard of diablo...
    ANS has done well with this one, the formula rocks, taste is amazing, thermo effects are very intense. We have had some quick reviews from trial tubs with amazing feedback, we will be getting logs started soon, I have a feeling everyone will have a new go to thermo very soon...
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