Premade or Homemade pwo

  1. Premade or Homemade pwo

    So I found a place to get the original 4145 prop blend jacked. Should I just stock it up or make my own? I have found most of the ingredients in powder form, most importantly the 1,3, mono, ba, aakg, caff. Anyhow, anyone else make their own pwo?

  2. I use bulk powders but I don't mix them up together I just take them individually. I use iForce's Agmatine Sulfate and SNS Citrulline Malate for a nice stim-free pre-workout quite often.

  3. yeah you can easily make your own killer combo... possibly for cheaper than some of the OG tubs of pwos for sale after they get dq'ed.
    id rather agmatine than aakg anyday.

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