GDA fasting

  1. GDA fasting

    I don't follow IF but my preferred way of eating is 1-2 big meals late in the evening. I Train fasted, I finish training around 20:00-20:30 then eat anytime from 22:00.

    Some different opinions on this in the past, Some say no point post workout, some say pre bed and so on. Any views on this?

    Reps you don't need to sell your GDA to me because I intend to try glycobol, Recompadrol, b24 & SS1(new) over 2014 to judge for myself.

  2. No need for GDA post workout. Insulin sensitivity is already high from you gym session. Some like GDAs pre-bed but I can't comment on the effectiveness as I haven't done it before.
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  3. I like it post workout as well

    But honestly I'm going to say it depends on you carb sources.

    Fat cells and muscle cells have different concentrations at which they store glucose ect

    Muscle needs significantly less of an jnsulin response to get glucose into the cell where as super high insulin may preferentially shuttle it more equally to both tissue

    So if your backloading and really killing it id suggest hitting a GDA. Just so insulin is lower overall and less should technically be shuttled to fat cells by default. Along with the properties if these products to be agonist at the ppary

    You really get a 1-2 punch in warding off fat gain

  4. In the past I have used N-Force and only taken it pre, but right now I'm taking Glycophase and taking it with my largest carb meal outside of post work out, and one pre-bed. Notice a little deeper sleep, but a couple days ago I started taking Abyss Unparalleled too. The combination of the two has me completely out. lol

    I'm switching to SSV1 and will dose the same way to judge effectiveness of Glycophase vs SSV1.

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