Raspberry Ketones

  1. Raspberry Ketones

    It is commonly seen to avoid high dosage or prolonged use of cayenne supplements to avoid stress on the kidneys.
    Since raspberry keytones are similar in structure to capsaicin, and display many similarities in effect, do the same regards in usage apply?

  2. No not really; none of the studies of RK indicate any likely issues and it is unlikely that this is an issue. As with any supplement, however, consumers should use them responsibly; consumers should be following the directions regarding the dosage, they should be cycling off products, and that they should not be using them if they have any history of health issues.

  3. Unless you're susceptible to kidney damage or suffer from kidney disease this shouldn't be an issue with raspberry ketones or even capsaicin for that matter at normal supplemental doses for normal supplemental duration. Cycle your supplements, don't exceed label recommendations, and make sure you talk to a doctor/check for any drug interactions as you would with any supplement and you'll be fine.
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