Reversitol v2 and libido?

  1. Reversitol v2 and libido?

    DAA & erase, on week 3, libido has kind of hit the floor (still get it up fine, but no desire to) despite really liking the lean gains im making, noticable and up on the weights, i cant do another month.

    How is reversitol for the libido? Instead of doing a second month of DAA&Erase Ive been looking for something else, bloodwork looks solid for this and many use it as a pct.

  2. How much Erase are you taking and what was your libido like before starting?

    Too much estrogen suppression can kill libido too.
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  3. many people like to use reversitol v2 as a stand alone to help in that dept. I have used it and the original and experienced a little boost in libido and an over all sense of well being. lately tho I have been loving the Tropiniol XP for not only the libido boost it gives me, but also the sexual performance and endurance that is stellar.
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  4. like fl3x said how much are you taking, personally i like 50mg's better than 75mg's.....but either way rev v2 should only help your libido issue
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  5. Regardless of what you are taking, Reversitol v2 is highly known for its libido boosting effects. I've used it several times for this purpose! Freeing up bound, inactive test with the use of 3,4 divinil is also highly effective as well. The combo of testabolan which contains 3,4 and reversitol v.2 is usually my libido saving combo! haha

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  6. Curious OP what's your dosing on Erase? Also libido wise Maca or Fadogia have always made my libido crazy high. T-Force from Omega is an awesome product.

  7. 50mg with 3g DAA daily - 3 weeks solid so far.

    It dropped off around the time I ran a box of Test Freak followed by Alri BAM I then accidentally bought some Animal Stak on ebay so stacked it with the BAM and hasn't really recovered... I went for DHEA dermacrine as a recovery, didn't do anything (made it worse). Took a break from everything for 6 weeks and just had creatine, then jumped on DAA & Erase a few weeks back. It went up a bit then dropped again. Thinking about coming off it completely and trying a none-DAA product like Reversitol v2 or Tropinol after reading reviews

  8. Purchased Tropinol xr. Ill can the daa/erase when it arrives and see how we go. Iforce state intimidate (daa) is a good bridge so im presuming this is like going back to square one? Or should i only run one bottle before breaking again

  9. will you be using the reversitol along side the trop? id say if so then yes a bottle of each should be fine before you take a break again.. in fact you might want to run them one after the other.. trop then reversitol.
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  10. when I was taking Reversitol v2 my libido was at a high for sure!

  11. Nah, just trop, to begin with.

  12. So it looks like you went through a series of natural products, experienced a loss in libido, then tried a hormonal product (dermacrine), then tried natural again.

    I would honestly consider seeing a doctor and getting your blood tests done at this point. You're just running in circles. The doctor will tell you if you have low T.
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