creatine article

  1. creatine article

    i see some people on here asking about creatine... and i thought i would share an article i wrote a few years back( i think i was 16) that i wrote on creatine.. it covers the basics......i hope you guys and gals find it benefical.

  2. Good article. Would make a good addition to:****1522

  3. thanks bro! i know it could be better... but it was written a long time ago.. hehe.. maybe ill write a better one.. and yes.. the other article is a good one and when put together... they make eachother better

  4. Creatine in pill form is prohibitively expensive. Powder, which is the most commonly used form of creatine, is highly insoluble, resulting in athletes having to take high doses(10-20 grams a day) in order for it to reach their muscles. Liquid creatine is highly soluble, so less has to be taken and it supposedly bypasses the digestive system altogether , resulting in safer and quicker results.

    i thought liquid creatine didnt work? and if its 10-20g per day why does everyone recommend just 5? just wondering because i need this info! hehe nice links

  5. the amount of creatine you use after your loading phase( 20) is dependent on your bodyweight.. and can be anywhere from 5 to 15 grams( you better be a big SOB to take 15)...

    read the next paragraph... i say why liquid creatine IS WORTHLESS

  6. i found a chart a long time ago but since then i havent been able to find it, it tells you how much creatine per pound of bodyweight, etc. if u cant find it can u just tell me how much for me? i weigh 150lb

  7. you might want to try 5 grams a day

    and did you see where i was talking about how liquid creatine is worthless...?? it is right below what you quoted from my article

  8. no need to check i believe you hehe


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