What Do You Think About This Stack!

  1. What Do You Think About This Stack!

    Hi, I've looked every where on the Internet too see if I could find any information about this stack, but I failed in my findings, so my last solution was to sign up to a forum and ask some one, I'm thinking of stacking, Anabeta with Lean Extreme for about 4 weeks, I just wonted to get some advice and see if this would be a good stack for some good gains. I already have both products, thanks for the help.

  2. if you go with Anabeta run it for 8 weeks. not 4 .
    and what is your mail goal ?

  3. I want to lose my lower belly fat, while trying to maintain as much muscle as possible. Thanks for replying

  4. Quote Originally Posted by SparkyKarl View Post
    I want to lose my lower belly fat, while trying to maintain as much muscle as possible. Thanks for replying
    AnaBeta is more for a bulk while AnaBeta elite has Cortisol control and Forskolin which may help you lose fat while maintain muscle mass.
    have you tried Erase pro yet ? Erase pro stacked with Alphamine is a really popular stack. if money isn't an issue pop in some 95% forskolin and a good GDA like Recompadrol and you got it all coverd for you goal IMO.

  5. Well you already have both products so might as well run em. More important will be your diet and workouts though. You can't target where you lose fat either, for me the belly is the last place for it to go. Another option would be our new test booster Alphamax. It has an AI in it that will help dry you out and get rid of that excess water, while boosting test.
    Black Lion Research Rep

  6. Yeah, my diet is pretty clean, I'd say it's balanced out, Protein, fats, Carbs. I consume around 3000 Calories a day, Training is very consistent 6 Days a week, High intense training, and that's pretty much it. I've had a really hard time getting rid of some fat around my lower abs and I though a fat burner like Lean Extreme would do the trick, because I've heard some pretty good reviews about it, and I'm yet to run any sort of fat burner yet anyway, and I've been Bulking pretty much all year, I don't really believe in cutting unless you are a pro competing, I just wanted something that will lean me out abit and possibly lose some fat at the same time. Thanks for the reply guys, I've pretty much decided that I'm going to run both together as I think that you will get some pretty good optimal gains of both together, Thanks again for reply's and help.


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