Supplements when im sick. Safe?

  1. Supplements when im sick. Safe?

    I recently came down with a stomach flu or some kind of stomach problem (throwing up, diarrhea) and a fever, etc. That being said is it alright to take supplements while i'm at home sick? The supps i'm referring to specifically are sleep aids (Abyss Unparalleled), whey protein, and maybe creatine.

    On a side note, are there any supps that actually help recovery when i'm sick (immune boosters, bcaa)? As I won't be counting macros or anything for the next few days to a week.

  2. If I am sick, I dont take anything. Personally I feel it is a waist if I am just going to be getting rid of it shortly. I would be more incline to eat whole food.
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  3. Echinacea

  4. Yea I definitely lay off the supps when I'm sick. But I had a weird reaction to the flu shot last week and am running Alphamax and didn't want to stop that so I continued taking it but not creatine or whey or anything else. I didn't take anything else besides Emergen-C and felt like a million bucks two days later.
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  5. it really depends on what the supplement is and how sick i i wouldn't take compete if i'm sick because i really only use it intra workout....however if its something like a tropinol xp i'll still take it

    i increase my glutamine when i'm sick or start feeling sick
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  6. Of the three you listed, I wouldn't see a reason to stop any of those while you're sick. One is a sleep aid. You need more sleep when you're sick to help recovery. Whey protein is just another form of food and may be easier to keep down if you're having issues eating. The last is creatine. The cheapest, most studied, and arguably the most beneficial supplement out there. It's also in beef. No harm done.

  7. The only one I would question would be the sleep aid. I wouldnt think the Protean and creatine would make a difference.

  8. I tend to stop anything that might upset my stomach or act as a diuretic. What you listed should be fine, so it is a personal choice as to if you think it would be a waste.
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