Crea-Tona Question?

  1. Crea-Tona Question?

    Since the body only needs 5g of creatine a day, what would be the equivalent for crea-tona -since all it is is a more bio-available form of creatine?

    The bottle says take up to 6 caps daily, which tranlates to 3g of crea-tona creatine. Can this be cut down to 1g of crea-tona a day?

  2. Bump?

  3. I have already answered this question for you, in the thread dedicated to the CreaTrona release where you asked the very same question..

    did you forget, or are you looking for re-affirmation??

    no, we would not advise simply 1g use daily..
    just because something is more bioavailable, do not try to skimp to make something last longer or cheaper..
    your results will suffer

    CreaTrona is ridiculously low-priced as it is

  4. wouldn't you just follow the directions and make sure you're getting 5gs? at least that's what I'd do lol
    Serious Nutrition Solutions

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