Evomuse eviscerate smolder

  1. Evomuse eviscerate smolder

    So I bought some eviscerate smolder and it came in a clear bottle instead of a white bottle like shown in stores. Also it's a liquid? I never used this product so I'm not 100% if it's suppose to be a liquid and not a cream.

  2. I've never seen the clear bottle before, but it is supposed to be a liquid. Its not insanely runny though so you wont end up making a mess and pouring it all over the floor.

  3. Shake it extremely good, wont be as thin. Never seen a clear bottle, but companies change packaging almost daily so I wouldn't think twice.

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  4. Just wanted to make sure, just thought that most topical creams would be creams.

  5. I don't think it's sold/marketed as a topical "cream", just a topical solution. If it was actually called a cream, you'd have a point.

  6. just tried it :[ it was grainy

  7. grainy means legit.

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