What are your thoughts how much L-DOPA a day is optimum or still safe dose to take daily for 4 or 8 weeks?

I'm seeing few supplements suggesting loose daily range of L-DOPA as extract from Mucuna like Lights Out (250 or 500 mg), Dopadex (250 or 500 or 750mg), Endosurge Turbo (100 or 200 or 300mg).

Just asking cause of 3 things:
- potential for dopamine production from L-DOPA happening in peripheral area causing side effects (especially when taking with vitamine B6),
- potential dopamine addiction,
- lower serotonin levels that with time could lead to a depression.

Will give it a try with Endosurge Turbo and Erase Pro for 30 days to see how it will go for me taking either 4 or 6 caps daily of Endosurge Turbo and 1 cap of Erase Pro 2x or 3x per week.