Anybody heard of Iodoral? 12.5 mg

  1. Anybody heard of Iodoral? 12.5 mg

    My friends doctor recommended this to him, I looked it up on amazon it's inexpensive and gets a ton of amazing reviews. Apparently it helps if you have a slow thyroid... Any info/feedback would be appreciated!

  2. Wouldn't recommend if your hypothyroid from hashimotos

  3. What's hashimotos...?

  4. The disease? I googled it lol. No I'm thinking it's from lack of iodine?

  5. Slow thyroid as in hypothyroid? If so most cases of hypothyroid is from hashimotos which taking iodine isn't recommended if you do have hashimotos

  6. I dunno, amazon it and people say it has been wonderful for them everything from weight loss reduced cravings reduced anxiety etc. just wondering if anyone has any experience with it

  7. Do you consume salt? if so, then you're getting enough iodine. excess iodine actually hampers thyroid function

  8. I don't use table salt no... I'm sure there's salt in condiments and such but... My friends doctor had him rub iodine on his inner forearm and said it should take at least 12 hours to fade away and it was gone in 4.5 hours so the doctor said this supplement would help his thyroid. I'm asking for him but I'm interested myself as well

  9. Coop I know you know your stuff. I stick to a mostly paleo diet but I know I don't get enough veggies, probably borders on an Adkins/paleo combo. I live in Ny and from what I've gathered most of the iodine has been leeched from the soil locally. What do u think of a low dose 1-2 pills a day of this combined with shift 2-3 a day? I'm just wondering.

  10. Is there a reason you don't use table salt? Iodizing salt virtually eliminated goiter in the Western world relative to 3rd world countries (where it is still common for the simple reason that their salt is not iodine-enriched). I'd spend less time restricting your food choices and more time focusing on a balanced diet.

  11. I never understand the focus on sodium intake. I usually stay pretty lean year around. So people are always asking me what my sodium intake is. I work in a salt plant all I can taste is salt from the dust in the air all day long. So I tell them one or two shovels full a day.

  12. Tasty! I just never added salt to my food I dunno....


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