Dopadex Dopamine

  1. Dopadex Dopamine

    I recently purchased Dopadex Dopamine since I'm taking testforce 2. I'm also stacking this with APE. Can I stack Dopadex Dopamine with ultima and Ape pre workout? I have been searching the web but I can't find a solid answer. Also does anyone know why on Analyzed Supplements home website of it says not to take with caffeine or any other stims where on retailers website it doesn't mention it? I have seen pre workouts that contain Mucuna Pruriens and other stims (Like C4). Thanks for your help.

  2. You can, just use a low dose (1 cap). Btw, it's on sale today on our website at half off with free shipping

  3. Thank you Mr.cooper69. I saw the sale today via email. I'm from Canada so it's a flat rate but I don't know which courier they are using. Some sites have 10% off since it's Halloween. I'm thinking of get more with some Forskolin-95.

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