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    I am not sure if this is the right spot, if so I apologize

    I ordered the Meltdown book from VPX last year, and for whatever reason it was never printed. The people at VPX were totally cool and keeped me in the loop and always apologized profusely about not meeting my order. I never got upset becuase, they communicated with me and at the end of the day there are worse things in life.

    So recently they offered to refund my money, and joking around I mentioned that nothing says sorry like some samples. We yesterday I found a box of goodies on my porch from VPX. They sent me some NO Shotgun (which I love), some of there Ammino nitrate, and samples of protein bars.

    I have only ever used there No Shotgun, no sysisize, and cremtor in the past. I have been buying no shotgun and consider if my favorite preworkout. however I never cosidered their Amino, however I was impressed with it. It mixed much better than Modern BCAA plus that I normally buy and it tasted as good if not better than the Allmax fruit punch. I was impressed with the profile and will pick up a tub.

  2. VPX is good people

  3. ^ this.. VPX is a very sound company with a great reputation. I have the OG book from owac called the zero impact diet and I can say when followed it was a well written and very comprehensive plan.

  4. john romano is a weirdo...i'd pass on vpx
    AM10 for 10% off at Mindandmuscle.com
    AM10 for 10% off at Mrsupps.com

  5. VPX SRO Protein is the only VPX product I buy. I like it.

  6. Met Owoc in person at the Arnold, great guy. I like VPX although I haven't utilized a lot of their products. BANG are one of my favorite energy drinks though. Cheaper and more effective (more caffeine) than Monster and all of those drinks. The champagne flavor is legit.


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