hyperdrol fx/mass fx stack

  1. hyperdrol fx/mass fx stack

    Read great reviews about these two, but they've been pulled for years. Any alternatives that are worth while or similar? Can't seem to find a direct answer.


  2. Hyperdrol X2 was 6-bromodione, a strong AI.

    Mass FX was a testosterone booster based on Divanill.

    Your best bet with all in one would be Alphamax, contains 75mg Arimistane, its not 6-bromodione but should have similar results. It also contains 1400mg Divanill which is likely more then what was in Mass FX. As well both products contained Forskolin, Alphamax provides 50mg of 95% Forksolin. You could always just do Divanex + Erase but you wont get the Forskolin, L-dopa, Zinc, D3 found in Alphamax.
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  3. Thank you, I'll check it out. What about Hard FX and TST?

  4. Hard-FX does not compare to Hyeprdrol IMO.
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  5. Wow, I was going to say, I ran that stack like 6 years ago!!! lol

    If you are looking into a test boosting stack, Tropinol XP with KNO3 to provide immediate workout enhancements, and coleus Forskollin for an awesome recomp effect with the addition of all the test boosting ingredients makes a very solid option. Stacks nicely with Intimidate SRT which seems to be exactly what you want. Def worth a look IMO.

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  6. If I ran a stack of Andromaxx and Alphamaxx do I need a PCT and liver support?

  7. you dont need a PCT for Alphamax, however i do not know whats in Andromaxx.
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