your tongkat ali experience

  1. your tongkat ali experience

    i finished 2 bottles of 200:1 tongkat ali 2 weeks ago. sucks to say but it didnt make a difference for me... before..during..after... nada
    my goal was to boost testosterone or free up more. to my understanding more testosterone = more muscle = stronger = more weights/reps lifted
    im a laid back dude to begin with, but i saw no type of increased aggression, my sleep wasnt better or worse, couldnt tell the difference of my libido, and i just cant attribute the progress i made in the gym to TA 200:1. because i had been making gains before i started. so what was your experience with tongkat ali?

  2. these products mostly boost test into normal ranges. if you want a stronger option than just longjack look into the iForce line up.. in fact there is a sweet test booster stak in promo section if you want to check that out..
    maybe youll get a chance to try b4 u buy..
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  3. I'm about to find out. I am on TRT and a couple of guys I workout with are as well, and they take a product called SD-200 that they swear by. Apparently a great boost in libido and these guys are getting shredded compared to where they were two months ago. Possibly reducing cortisol is my thought. Either way, from all I have heard about it and the overwhelming positive reviews, I am going to give it a go. I'll report back after Tuesday.

  4. Well, I am on my 3rd cap after starting 2x dosing yesterday and I can say without question that there is a rapid increase in energy. I noticed it about an hour after taking the first tab and I was driving. Next thing I know I am speeding and feeling pretty aggressive. I spaced that I took it because I just threw it in with my staples, it was the only difference. Last night I had some trouble getting to sleep, but that wore off. Now today, I am very energized and had a great workout. Can't say that I notice anything libido wise in this very short term, but it is a big energy booster and I am zipping through work.

  5. It depends where you buy TKA.

    Most good sources are not cheap but they are worth the money.

    I can feel my balls tingling like light massage when I take TKA and energy is up, better sleep, aggression, strength one of my favorite OTC test boosters.

  6. Holy crap. On my 3rd day and I was wondering if I would see any libido increases or if I just bought an expensive mood and energy booster, then last night it turned on like a light switch. I'd consider myself above average in the libido area for a 39 yo due to TRT, but still would be nice to have a little extra. Last night I had a crappy night sleep because I woke up 4 times with painful erections. It was ridiculous, and while amazing since it's been years since that happened, sleep would have been nice. We'll see how this continues and if so, I am halving the dose.

  7. What brand are you using?

  8. SD-200


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