Suggestions for Supplement Cycles

  1. Suggestions for Supplement Cycles

    Hello! I used to be heavy into bodybuilding. I started lifting with the high school when I was in the 6th grade. By the time I was in the 8th grade I was already benching 285 lbs. By my sophomore year of high school I was about 4-5% body fat, completely ripped and could outlift most of the adult bodybuilders at the locals gyms. I went from lifting about 5-6 hours a day (including 1-2 hours of cardio) to doing nothing at all around my senior year of high school. I was too busy with school to really get back into lifting during my college years, but now that I'm done and have a full time job, I've managed to put a full home gym in my home. My large living rom and spare bedroom are both dedicated to gym equipment. I'm determined to back where I was back when I was ripped and the envy of all my friends, but unfortunately I've put on a lot of fat weight over the years since high school. I have fallen out of touch with what supplements to take and at 30 years old my body has dropped testosterone production so I find it more difficult to get myself motivated. I really long for that "pumped" balls to the wall endorphin filled euphoria I used to experience during most workouts in my younger years. I want it back, plain and simple.

    I used to take lots of supplements back when I was in great shape. I took creatine, tribulus extract, glutamine, weight gainer, ephedrine, a homemade bee pollin, creatine, caffien, amino acid and aphedrine concoction I'd mix myself, and a variety of other assorted GNC products and growth hormones. This was all back in the mid to late 90s during my football years, so I'm assuming the available supplementations have improved over the years and I'm eager for your suggestions.

    I'm currently 5'9 and about 235 lbs, so I have the mass already which means I won't need any weight gainers. I simply want to feel great during my workouts and make fast gains in terms of strength and getting ripped. My goal is to get so ripped veins will be popping out everywhere. I suspect this will be a 1-2 year project even with the help of supplements, but I'm determined to make it happen. With my job though I have to be careful about taking anything that will mess with my mood during work hours. If something gets me pumped during my workout thats great, but anything that gets me raging needs to be worn off by the time I go to work each day (in other words, the effects on my emotional state of mind should only last a few hours at a time). Also, being 30 years old, I should probably be somewhat careful with my liver, heart and other vital organs. I was a bit wreckless with my body with everything I took in my younger years. I have slightly elevated cholesterol but aside from that my bloodwork is good. I'm willing to take small risks, including short 2-4 week duration cycles using legal designer steroids. I'm open to all suggestions. Please only speak from your personal experience though.

  2. I wouldn't throw a bunch of money down the drain this time, the things you should buy should be basic:

    Protein powder: to meet protein requirements if needed
    Creatine: should always be used, dirt cheap
    Fish oil: many many benefits
    Cissus: joint health

    That's really it. There are other things you can use to help the process like ArA (arachidonic acid), ephedrine can still be bought OTC in the form of bronkaid, forskolin may be of great help to you as it's a great help with body composition. Otherwise just make sure your nutrition is 100% on point as that's what will make or break your gains and goals. All the supplements in the world won't do anything if you don't fuel your body properly to suit your goals.

  3. Yeah there's no reason to spend a ton of money on things that don't work or barely work.

    Fish Oil

    If you want a good stim-free pre-workout Hemavol is the correct answer.

  4. Thanks for the suggestions! Here's my shopping cart. Before I go through checkout I'm curious if anyone has any last-minute suggestions. Anyone see any problems with my stack?

    Tribulus Extract (midday):
    NOW Foods Tribulus 1000mg, 45% Extract, 180 Tablets by NOW

    Preworkout Boost (30-60 minutes before workout):
    Iforce Nutrition Hemavol Lemon Drop -- 240 g by Iforce Nutrition

    Protein Supplementation (night):
    Optimum Nutrition 100% Whey Gold Standard, Double Rich Chocolate... by Optimum Nutrition

    Joints and Tendons (night):
    Usp Labs Supercissus Rx Capsules, 150-Count by USP Labs

    Muscle Fuel Supplement (midday):
    Optimum Nutrition Micronized Creatine Powder, Unflavored, 4.4 lb... by Optimum Nutrition

    Multiple Vitamins and Amino-Acids (morning):
    Universal Nutrition Animal Pak Sports Nutrition Supplement, 44-C... by Universal Nutrition

    Also, I need a new blender so I'm thinking the Ninja BL660 Professional Blender with Single Serve looks appropriate for my needs.

  5. I forgot to mention, the reason I didn't choose a fish oil supplement is because I eat a lot of fish. I intend to mostly avoid red meats, sticking primarily to fish and chicken (mostly fish). Plus I get an awful fish oil reflux (heartburn) side effect from the supplements.

  6. great choice on the hemavol. you could try mint infused fish oil it wont give you those burps.. also you might like joint help better as it has sissus in it as well as peractin wich really really works well.
    Vicious Labs
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  7. I'd just keep it simple for now
    creatine mono or magnesium creatine chelate

    it's cheap enough, and actually has some noticeable effects. other suggestions bout multils and fish oil are good in here too!
    Serious Nutrition Solutions

  8. Hemavol is awesome for sure! Try adding Protean,Fish Oil, and a Active Multi-vitamin in!


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