DAA/Erase/Anabeta dosing question

  1. DAA/Erase/Anabeta dosing question

    My question is I've seen different ways of running this stack. Some people say start at the same time and run for 8 weeks and others say to stagger it. I was thinking of starting them at the same time and running them for 8 weeks.
    4 anabeta/day
    2 erase/day
    3g DAA/day

    Any opinions or thoughts of doing it differently? Would this be fine?

  2. Exactly how pretty much everyone runs this combo. Good to go.
    PEScience Representative

  3. That would be fine. Staggering just tends to increase the duration of use (due to spreading out the products over a longer period of time with less complete overlap), but you are free to run all three of those together at those doses for 8 weeks.
    PES Representative
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  4. Ok thanks guys

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