Alphamine and Tropinol XP stack?... should i add anything?

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    I placed my order for everything. it should all be here next week sometime. when I get everything in ill post a link in here to the log section where ill review and go over my experiance with the products, cant wait!
    can't wait to see how you enjoy your stack

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    can't wait to see how you enjoy your stack
    thanks man!

    with my experience with alot of other products, I seam to respond very well to them and just about anything I take, so I have high hopes for this stack lol. we will see how it all gose

  3. I mean, im not expecting these to be miracle pills/powder and loose all the weight I want after just2 months lol but I do hope I see some realistic gains in muscle and fat loss with the hard work and dieting ill be doing

  4. itll work ... the diet and hard training are the key.. but the supps u have chosen will definitely help!
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  5. i got the tropinol xp and F-95 in today and should have the alphamine in on monday... i wish we got mail on sunday so i can start this stack on monday lol ... my next post will be a link to the log section of the forum where ill post a little about myself, thoughts, workouts, gains and some before and after pics... when i run a cycle/stack my diet is very clean and workouts are not done till it hurts to pick up my car keys to go home lol. if this stack works it will defiantly show by the end of the cycle

  6. it says i need 7 more posts so i can add pics to my log... im going to spam 8 posts in here with a link at the end to the log section... im sorry about the 8 useless posts

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  14. Look forward to seeing your feedback in this log...this should be an excellent stack.

    I really like seeing PES and iForce products together, there are a few that are quite complementary.

  15. Quote Originally Posted by speed389 View Post
    here is the link to my 8 week log! Alphamine, Tropinol XP and Forskolin-95 8wk log&pics!

    wow, that looks awesome!! I'll be in to follow!

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