1. creatine

    hey guys, my stock of basic generic creatine is starting to dwindle. it seems to do what it's supposed to. but how improved are the newer products over the plain jane? i think i would have to see a pretty significant difference to pay alot more. TIA

  2. I Dicreatine malate gives me gains 10X that of normal monohydrate. Its worth a try right? I recommend Serious Nutrition Solutions CVM extreme - its dicreatine malate with diarginine malate and other items mostly geared toward absorption. The other brand od Dicreatine Malate I love is Syntrax swole V2, but i like the pumps i get from the arginine in CVM extreme.

    Right now I am stacking SNS CVM extreme with thier CE2 (esterfied creatine) and getting great gains. I definately recommend it.

  3. CEE from custom rocks.

  4. Bump on CEE, I'm going to try that out too, since I have tried every other creatine out there (except Kre-Alkalyn.. I won't try that). There is no shortage of people who think CEE rocks. Hopefully I'll be one of those soon.

  5. CEE is good I'd say definitely better than monohydrate, though I'm not sure the extra cost is worth it as it seems to be significantly more expensive. You use less of it though, which factors into the decision. If custom or Bulk Nutrition has that kilo deal going still, I'd go for it.

  6. I'm on VPX's CEX and it's awesome, I've taken prolab's mono and V12 as well and this blows it away, granted it's a bit more expensive but I look at it like this, I only take this pre workout, i take mono post workout, and I only take it on workout days, it lasts quite a long time when you use it like this and the results are great, a lb, max 2 of bloat from it, but i really dont think i got any, and the crazy thing is, I was on it for about 4 weeks and got off just for ****s and giggles to see what would strength jumped again when I got off, I can't wait to get back on and see what happens, I really love this ****, and the pump I get from this is just as good as straight L-Arginine or Nitrix, i look real swole relative to my normal self after I lift


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